Meet the Back into Shape Clinic Team

The Back into Shape Team!

We are a group of highly experienced osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors who work closely together to offer you the very best of physical medicine.  In addition, we provide some of the most exclusive and technologically sophisticated therapies in the world in our relaxed, happy and beautiful clinic.  It's easy to understand why our patients feel so secure in our hands and why our team is so giving. 

The following is a directory of our team members by Specialty

To learn more about the background and expertise of each of our team please click their name in the list below.

Meet the Team by Specialty

Our Osteopaths

Simeon Asher BPhil, Bsc (Ost), MIRO - Osteopath (UK)

Rebecca Schwartz - M.Ost - Osteopath (UK)

Eyelet Rechter Osteopath - DO (Israel)

Our Physical Therapists

Eli Levy-Golan MPT - Physiotherapist (Aus)

Diana Osovsky MPT - Physiotherapist (Israel)

Also Available

Dr Mark Levy - Orthopaedic Medicine

Alternative Nutrition

Massage (sports and therapeutic) - Maya Vaknin

IDD Therapy for disc pain

Meet the Team by Name

Our Specializations

Trigger Points - Simeon Asher, Rebecca Shwartz, Eyelet Rechter 

Shoulder Pain – Simeon Asher and Diana Osovsky

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (adhesive Capsulitis) - Simeon Asher

Rehabilitation - Eli Levy-Golan

Mothers and Babies – Eyelet Rechter

Cranial Osteopathy - Eyelet Rechter, Simeon Asher, Rebecca Shwartz

Sports Injury –  Diana Osovsky and Eyelet Rechter

Acute and Chronic Disc Pain – Eli Levy-Golan

Aging and Rehabilitation – Eli Levy-Golan, Diana Osovsky and Rebecca Schwartz

Chronic fatigue/ME – Rebecca Schwartz

Orthopaedic Medicine – Dr Marc Levy (by appointment)

Vertigo and Balance Issues – Canalith repositioning procedure (CRP) – Diana Osovsky

IQC Approved

We are proud to be one of the few private clinics in Israel that meets the internationally accredited IQC standards and has also been awarded an ISO 9001.

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