IDD Therapy

    The natural and gentle treatment for neck and back pain

SDS SPINA IDD Therapy low back pain
SDS SPINA IDD Therapy low back pain

IDD Machine showing treatment screen Back into Shape Clinic

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IDD Therapy
IDD Therapy

IDD Therapy in action Back into Shape Clinic

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IDD Therapy with the SDS Spina
IDD Therapy with the SDS Spina

The IDD Machine Back into Shape Clinic

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SDS SPINA IDD Therapy low back pain
SDS SPINA IDD Therapy low back pain

IDD Machine showing treatment screen Back into Shape Clinic

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Natural and gentle treatment for your neck and back pain

What is IDD Therapy?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is the successful and trusted non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain,neck pain and related conditions such as sciatica. IDD is gentle, relaxing and comfortable yet extremely powerful.  Treatment is performed fully clothed.  

Disc-related neck and back pain affects a very large portion of the population and it impacts all aspects of your life. When a disc bulges it can press on nerves in the spine and can refer into leg pain (Sciatica) or arm pain.  IDD Therapy helps to reduce this pressure. 

Here at the Back into Shape Clinic we know what you are going through. We have treated thousands of cases of back and neck  pain, we have been specializing in the use of IDD Therapy for over seven years.

IDD is different! It uses advanced gentle computerized traction which can be targeted to treat specific discs. IDD oxygenates the discs and helps to heal them gently, from the inside out


Our unique blend of osteopathy, physiotherapy and IDD has shown to help more than 86% of all patients that come to us with severe back and neck pain, often referred by Orthopedic and Spinal surgeons. We work with Clalit Mushlam and private health insurance companies who subsidize treatments.

With over 10,000 decompression machines worldwide, IDD is rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for disc problems. Here in Israel, IDD Therapy is exclusively available at the Back Into Shape Clinic in Raanana. 

IDD is an awesome new approach to treating disc pain. Having used it in our UK clinics, we are proud and excited to be pioneering this technology in Israel.

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The Care You Deserve

IDD Is Safe and Gentle

IDD is safe, natural and uses the bodies inner healing mechanisms, employing an advanced computerized gentle type of traction/stretching. The IDD computer software and algorithm are designed to offer very focused localized treatment to the discs which takes the pressure off of the nerves (axial decompression) and re-hydrates them, thus encouraging repair.

Physiotherapy-based rehabilitation

IDD is part of our multi-disciplinary approach; we also use treatments such as physiotherapy, IMS needling, massage and osteopathy to relieve your pain.  In addition, our experienced physiotherapists add modalities such as electro-therapy as well as tailor-made rehabilitation and exercise programs for our clients. Our physiotherapy team are not only caring but are the most experienced IDD Therapists in the whole of Israel. 

Evidence Based

IDD is an evidence-based therapy and widely approved by healthcare insurers worldwide. At our clinic we continue to improve and refine our IDD work by being an active partner in the International IDD community and by publishing research where possible. In 2016 we undertook an independent internal audit on the first 400 patients (carried out by an orthopedic Surgeon); studying the combined use of IDD and hands-on therapies in our clinic.

The results were outstanding!

After utilizing IDD Therapy, almost all patients experienced pain relief; with 86% of all patients reporting more than a 75% improvement even after many years of suffering or failed surgery attempts.  

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