What to expect on your first visit to an Osteopath

Prompt attention

When it’s time for your appointment, your therapist will always try to come out to the waiting room to greet you. We do our best to be on time, so if you have to wait at all, it shouldn’t be for more than about five minutes. Our receptionists, Beth and Yael, are here to help you and there's always cool water, hot tea and coffee available.

Conversation before treatment

Osteopathic therapists work almost like detectives. We gather as much information – as many clues – as possible to help us understand what might be at the root of your problem. Only then do we begin working. When we meet you, we will therefore ask a series of basic questions to help us understand your health, your injury or illness, and what kind of treatment would serve you best. Although you may be used to completing a long intake form before seeing anyone, we prefer to ask you the questions directly and get the details directly from you.

Here is a list of our basic questions:

  • Have you ever been to an Osteopath before? If not, let me explain a little about what we do.

  • Where is your main problem area? Describe your symptoms.

  • How long has it been there?

  • What else have you tried?

  • Have you had any medical tests or examinations such as an MRI or blood tests (please bring your medical files/CDs with you).

Please note that Osteopaths are fully trained to read x-rays, MRIs and understand all medical tests.

  • Did anything else help?

  • How old are you?

  • How is your general health?

  • Any accidents, illnesses or operations?

  • Any ongoing medical issues we should be aware of?

  • Are you on any medications? If so, which ones?

  • What aggravates or relieves your pain?

  • How is the pain at night?

  • How is your mattress? How are your pillows?

Undressing and then Hands-on work

You will be asked to undress, often to your underwear, so we can assess your problem; but during treatment you will be covered with a towel or blanket. After we talk about your situation, we will have you do some gentle movements and we will observe your spine and use our hands to feel for restrictions.

Osteopathic therapists have been trained to have “listening hands”. We have such an acute and accurate sense of touch that we can understand a lot about your health just by feeling the rhythms of your body through our hands.

Treatment tailored to your needs

After we’ve seen how you move and felt what’s not working as it should be, we will tell you what we’ve found and what treatment we recommend. The art of osteopathic therapy is that there are a range of different techniques available to practitioners, and each uses his or her hands in slightly different ways. The treatment is never the same for any two people.

Our training and experience allows each of us to determine what kind of hands-on work your body will respond to best. What we suggest for you will be specifically suited for your needs. If you are comfortable with what we’re recommending, we will continue with the treatment for the time left in this first appointment. Often, after the initial consultation, and the hands-on assessment, you can expect about 20 minutes of tailored treatment. If you’d like to see what other patients have said about our treatments, please see our testimonials.

A plan for ongoing treatment

After the treatment, we’ll sit down with you again to discuss how the treatment felt to you. We will outline how we can help you over time. We will discuss how many sessions we think you will need and introduce you to any take-home exercises we think you should consider doing.

On average, we will see you four to eight times over a period of two to three months. This allows us to address both the obvious and the hidden causes that have stopped you from being well. If you have a chronic condition, we may need to see you up to ten to twenty times. We may even recommend ongoing treatments in special cases (some clients choose to come in for check up treatments because they feel so much better for it). All our therapists are trained to understand the way the body heals. We will be able to give you a time frame for recovery and develop a plan that suits you.

30-40 minutes per visit

Your first visit will take about an hour and subsequent treatments will take between 30 and 40 minutes (your therapist will recommend the visit length). The actual duration of your appointment will depend on the complexity of your case. Some people take a little more or a little less time. Osteopathic therapy is different from other therapies: more is not necessarily better.

Visit Cost

Our rates are between 300-400 NIS depending on which clinician you see. Discounts are available for children and soldiers.

Osteopathy is often covered by insurance plans, however we recommend that you check with your insurance provider in regards to the details of your plan.

IDD therapy is partially covered by Clalit Mushlam


Simeon Asher CEO Back into Shape Clinic

Simeon Asher is the former chairman of the Israeli Register of Osteopaths. With over 25 years of experience, internationally celebrated practitioner, teacher and author of 12 books, including the No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon, The Concise Book of Trigger Points, Simeon was voted as one London's top 10 osteopaths in a poll by the London Evening Standard. Simeon opened the Back into Shape Clinic in 2007 in the heart of Ra’anana, Israel to provide a wide range of Osteopathy, Physiotherapy Acupuncture, Massage and IDD therapies. The clinic and its group of specialists believe that ‘the body understands what to do and it is their mission to help guide it’. https://www.backintoshape.co.il/

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