Changing the face of Physiotherapy with Virtual Reality

Changing the face of Physiotherapy with Virtual Reality Back into Shale Clinic Blog

How it all began

Eran Orr was an Israeli F16 Air Force pilot and after serving 12 years in the Israeli Air Force, Eran began to experience neck pain with pain referring into his right arm and hand and he was diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc. (Referred pain implies a pain felt in a part of the body other than its actual source.)

I met Eran when he came to our clinic for physiotherapy and IDD Therapy. Back into Shape Clinic specializes in IDD, spinal decompression therapy, which is a special treatment for disc problems such as bulging or herniated discs. From his personal and painful experience, Eran Orr founded his company VRPhysio. He identified a number of the challenges that arise which VRPhysio can help address, such as the issue that physiotherapists are not always available to their patients, patients don’t want to do their physical therapy exercises, compliance is usually low because exercises are either painful or boring or both. Additionally, the ability to pinpoint the best and most effective treatment for any given patient isn't always clear.

The ground-breaking combination of virtual reality and physical therapy Eran had the ground-breaking idea to combine Virtual Reality with Physical Therapy, thus providing an immersive and engaging experience where patients will perform their exercises. At the same time, this solution would provide physiotherapists with meaningful data and analysis, which would enable them to track a patient’s progress and utilize valuable data and insights to adjust the rehabilitation process according to patient needs and progress.

VRPhysio in action!

VRPhysio - an immersive experience VRPhysio provides the patient with a unique, fun and immersive experience. The patient is fully engaged in games, designed to encourage the patient to perform specific movements. The patient doesn't realize he/she is doing their exercises because they are hidden in the game!

VRPhysio delivers an effective, safe and enjoyable rehabilitation activity designed to improve the patient’s range of motion, proprioception, balance and strength. This type of rehabilitative environment helps decrease pain and improve mobility and self-confidence.

VR Physio - an immersive experience Back into Shape Clinic Blog

A marriage of technology and physiotherapy As a professional physiotherapist it is an incredible feeling to see how the latest technology in virtual reality and the more than two-hundred year old profession of physiotherapy can be united to impact so positively on peoples' rehabilitation and recovery rates. Clinical trials, usability testing and multiple research projects are currently underway in Israel and in the USA. VRPhysio is ISO certified and FDA approved. Back into Shape Clinic is proud to be one of the first clinics in Israel to use this innovative technology. We are very excited to provide VRPhysio to our clients , for more information click here.

Eli Levy Golan IDD Therapy blog Back into Shape Clinic blog

​Eli Levy Golan is an Australian-trained physiotherapist with 27 years of experience. She ​has extensive experience ​in treating problems in the neck and back areas and specializes in IDD therapy. She has worked for years in Orthopaedics, Neurology and Rehabilitation; was​ head physio of the Day Rehabilitation Unit at Wolper Hospital in Sydney and worked for 12 years at Shaare Tzedek Hospital, Jerusalem. Eli has been part of the Back into Shape team for seven years. Eli is passionate about helping people move and feel better. ​

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