After battling back pain, Ma'ayan experiences relief after IDD therapy treatment.

Ma'ayan Sides is a 27 year old 4th year medical student at Tel Aviv University.

Despite his having suffered from back problems, which started during his army service, he has always enjoyed sports and exercise, in particular running and TRX. However, after a fall during a TRX training session and compounded by his post-army jobs which required hard physical work and and having to carry heavy weights, his lower back continued to hurt.

Shortly before a planned overseas trip, Maayan felt a sharp pain in his lower back which he was certain was as a result of a damaged disc. Determined to ignore it, he went ahead with his holiday but, unfortunately, the problem was much worse on his return.

He consulted with an orthopaedic specialist who diagnosed inflammation and was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. With the medication providing temporary relief, Maayan was determined to push through the pain and continue with his studies and his normal routine.

Unfortunately, this proved to be very difficult. He was experiencing pain radiating from his lower back, down his thigh and into the ankle. He was also having difficulty sleeping. The pain was impacting on his quality of life.

An MRI showed that there was indeed herniation of discs in the lower back. Both the orthopaedic surgeon and his family doctor believed that he may need surgery which could "provide instant relief". They did, however, suggest that if he could cope with the pain for a period of about a year and could get to the point of being to raise his leg to 70 degrees whilst decreasing his medication, then he might be able to avoid surgery.

Ma'ayan decided to take a year's break from his studies and to focus on his rehabilitation and recovery. He altered his exercise regime and started working out with low intensity sports, including yoga, pilates and walking. At one point, the physiotherapist he was seeing suggested that he might consider IDD treatments. Upon contacting the Back Into Shape Clinic I Ra’anana and finding that the Clinic offered a range of services, he decided that a multi-faceted approach could be the solution to his back problems.

He started on a programmed consisting of IDD treatments combined with osteopathic therapy. At first, he did not feel much relief as IDD has an accumulative effect and several sessions may be necessary before feeling an improvement. Eli, the Back Into Shape’s physiotherapist and IDD therapist, also suggested that it might be beneficial if he tried dry needling in the lower back in addition to IDD. This combination proved to be effective and he consistently felt better each week. After two and a half months of treatments, which "worked every time", his pain is 80 per cent improved and "very, very manageable." Ma’ayan is now working several times a week in a medical clinic and is working out every day.

Ma'ayan would definitely recommend IDD therapy, possibly together with osteopathy. "It might seem at first as if there is no benefit but, once I controlled my state of mind and the treatment progressed, I could really feel the benefit. It can take time but it works!"

Back Into Shape Clinic, Ra’anana is the only centre in Israel where IDD is available.