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"חיים של חלוץ עצמות..."

"A life of physical health..."

Tractate Brachot 

מסכת ברכות

IDD Therapy|Osteopathy|Physiotherapy|Massage

Welcome to Back Into Shape Clinic 

Welcome to the Back into Shape Clinic, located in the heart of Ra’anana. Our international team of highly experienced and very caring osteopaths, physiotherapists and bodyworkers work closely together to offer you the very best in Physical Medicine. We believe that ‘the body understands what to do and it is our mission to help guide it’.


Using some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world (IDD Therapy), great customer service, a relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful clinic setting, you will see why Back into Shape Clinic is truly a place of "magic hands".  

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Back into Shape Clinic

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The touch that heals!

Back into Shape Clinic

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Back into Shape Clinic

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About Your Body

The human body is designed in an intelligent way to heal itself, after all when we break a bone it mends!

It is this inner healing that our therapists 'tap-into' and boost. We blend traditional hands-on therapies with state of the art technology such as IDD.

We treat people with

Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia,

Frozen shoulder syndrome,

Knee pain, shoulder and elbow pain, hip pain, Morton’s neuroma, Chronic regional pain, tennis elbow, Sciatica


Headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic) / migraine prevention, Chronic daily headache, Tension type headache


Arthritic pain, general, acute andchronic backache, back pain, Neck pain, Lumbago /Lumbalgia, sciatica

Back & Neck Pain

Sports injuries and tensions

Sports massage

Sports Injuries

Acute and chronic, Muscle spasms, Sciatica

Joint pains, Rheumatic pain

Circulatory problems

Joint & Muscle Pain


Digestive problems, Iliocaecal valve syndrome, Stress induced

Digestive Problems

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Balance issues - BPV

Inability to relax


Our treatment therapies

Osteopathic Specialties Practiced:

​Cranial Osteopathy

Pediatrics & Obstetrics Osteopathy

Visceral Osteopathy


Rehabilitation, specializing in spinal and shoulder rehab


(Intra Muscular 


Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Mother & Baby Massage


Using Virtual Reality technology for Physiotherapy

Canalith RepositioningCRP

Reflexology, Chiropodist and foot care, as well as nutritional advice, orthopedic medicine

Other Therapies

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